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Opencart, PHP, MariaDb, ElasticSearch, Laravel, ReactNative, codeigniter


Offerz is the leading digital platform for vouchers in Switzerland. All products are 100% digital. There is no physical shipping. The company has grown continuously since 2016 with now over 100 different vouchers to give away or use yourself.

Offerz represents a cutting-edge platform designed to revolutionize any shopping journey. 

Story & Goals

The client was introduced to us back in 2018. The client's pursuit was a lasting partnership, and they were well aware of our prowess in the realm of eCommerce, having successfully collaborated on numerous projects together.

For this venture, a dedicated team was assembled, functioning on a time and material basis. The team encompassed a multifaceted spectrum of expertise, encompassing development, testing, devOps, and design, albeit partially.

At its core, the team comprised 1 tester, 9 developers distributed between app and shop development (including whitelabel solutions), 1 designer, and 1 project manager. Additionally, an external freelancer was also engaged, augmenting our collaborative efforts.

The bedrock of Offerz's operations exists within online platforms and the associated app, thus underlining their significance as the heart of the business. In this context, BitStone plays a pivotal role as the primary vendor in this domain.

In the arena of research and development, an innovative venture took shape - a Wizard designed to streamline the onboarding process for new clients.

Distinguishing itself by its no-code attribute, this Wizard guides the journey from initial domain acquisition to production, obviating the need for traditional developmental approaches.

Let's build something awesome together!