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Innovative Software Projects

Do you have the idea for the next big thing? Tech startups are the fastest growing companies of the last decades. We’re here to transform your idea to a finished and market ready product. 

Do you have an idea to improve your business through innovation? Custom software solutions give that competitive advantage that businesses must have. We’re here to make it happen.

Workbench Extension

Are you a software company struggling to find good programmers in today’s competitive market? Nearshoring offers the best value for money alternative. Over the years, we’ve fine tuned our processes from recruiting to managing geographically distributed teams. We know what’s needed for a successful nearshoring collaboration and we’re here to help you.

Our mind map


Putting ideas on paper, creating mockups and software requirement documents.



UI/UX Design

Designing nice looking products that the people can actually use.

Software Development

Writing code using programming languages such as PHP, Laravel, .NET Core, React, Angular, Magento



Software Testing

Ensuring quality using techniques varying from manual testing to complex integration tests, from detailed unit tests to complex load tests.


Building high availability server infrastructures with continuous delivery pipelines.



Technical Customer Support

Taking care of the clients, making sure the software is up to date with the latest technologies.











.NET Core






Why Us?

We have over a decade of hands-on experience in software development, working with clients from a wide range of industries.

Over the years we’ve discovered our best capabilities.We are experienced in crafting all kind of digital solutions for our clients. Beyond writing code, we mean to become true business partners to our clients, continuously supporting their businesses growth.

Our strong points

Quality, quality, quality

We believe that quality derives from up-to-date know-how, well defined processes, real customer-orientation and solid experience. We've got them all.

A human touch

Even though we work in a digital world we never forget to be human. We treat our clients with respect and empathy as this is the foundation of solid, successful relationships.

Constant improvement

We strive to be the best and we can get there only by constantly improving. We support all personal development endeavors of our colleagues and we constantly improve the processes in the company.

Projects and Clients

With us you’ll have the opportunity to work on cool projects for clients in a diversity of industries


Highlight: Curaden

Curaden is a Swiss company that specialises in oral health, helping dental services and dentists to thrive.

What we did: created several country specific B2B eshops

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I’m working with BitStone because they are fast moving, target oriented, well structured and customer oriented. Their employees are always available, cooperative, with market oriented thinking.

Mathias Riechsteiner


Other ecommerce clients:

Flora Media - marketing and print production for plant and garden retailers

brickfox - connecting eCommerce systems to marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay etc. 

xyxle - simplifying electronic distribution of massive product data

Dental Online Education

Highlight: Dental Campus

Dental Campus offers a platform with online courses dedicated to doctors all over the globe. The courses contain video lectures, live webinars, online mentoring sessions, assessments and certification. 

What we did: developed the website from scratch 

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They demonstrated very good programming experience and an excellent service culture. Both are extremely important in our business.

Michael Peetz

Dental campus

Other online education clients:

Osteology Foundation - research, education and collaboration between universities and industry in the field of oral and maxillofacial tissue regeneration

Clinic of Reconstructive Dentistry, University of Zurich - practical materials, such as guidelines, annotated videos, checklists, flowcharts, etc for a step-by-step approach in reconstructive dentistry

Music Industry

Highlight: Electric Castle

Electric Castle is a one-of-a-kind music festival, born in the heart of Romania. Already at its sixth edition, in the same iconic location, Banffy Castle in Transylvania, it offers a unique experience that shakes up the way people interact with music.
What we did: website, ticket sales, merchandise eshop

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Other ecommerce clients: - helping young musicians to finance and market their music


Highlight: EZY

EZYcount is an easy-to-use secure online accounting and invoicing platform aimed at small to medium companies or the self-employed private persons.

What we did: developed the platform 

Other clients in the fintech industry:

Macropay - local payments for international merchants 

Credibill - easy, fast and secure payment of your rent, insurance or taxes with credit 

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