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Our Story

Our story

Our story starts many years ago when we first met as we became colleagues at the Technical University of Cluj Napoca. While learning computer science was fun we always wanted to put our skills into action so we started a couple of freelance software projects. That worked so well that in 2006 we decided to found BitStone and take things to the next level.

Fast forward to present day, BitStone is now a company with 100+ people developing high quality software projects for clients around the world.

Being ex-programmers we know what you need to be able to show your best. We invite you to join our journey. Drop us a message, we’d love to meet for a coffee.

Grigo & Albert

Why BitStone?

  • We’re flexible - We don’t believe in hierarchies and corporate processes. We’re here to talk, if you have an issue we listen and we always find solutions. 
  • Latest technologies - Technologies and methodologies in software development change fast. To deliver high quality software we are constantly up to date with the latest shit in the industry
  • Great variety of projects and clients - We have many projects in many industries such as: music, ecommerce or finance. We have clients around the world in countries like Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, UK, USA.
Why Bitstone
Bistone - The Vibe

The vibe

  • Personal development - The company can be successful only if each of us is constantly developing our skills. We offer training, and tickets to conferences and support you in all personal development endeavors.
  • Cool environment - We organize events such as team buildings, barbecues, board game nights, sports, hiking and nature like activities. Our Chief Mood Officer, aka the cat, will ensure you have a good time while working in the office 🙂

For students

Each summer we run an internship program specially designed for students. In this program you will have the chance for practical training on a variety of programming languages. And also to program on a live project, to deploy your code on a live server to live users.

Our coding contest already reached 3 editions and we’re not stopping here. Every year we challenge you to put your coding skills to test. We offer cool prizes: latest iphones, smart watches and many more.



Exciting prizes


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