BitStone is a leading software development company known for providing comprehensive software development services since 2006.

We deliver innovative software solutions for clients across the globe and our expertise spans a wide spectrum of industries. At BitStone, we prioritize reliable partnerships, collaboration and open communication to understand our clients' needs and deliver customized software solutions that drive business growth.

Prioritize Your Core Business. Let us Handle the Software.

Extend your business with our dedicated, agile teams and let us handle the software consultancy, while you seize the growth driven by digital innovation.

As a trusted partner and software development company, we offer flexible and scalable solutions to accelerate your digital transformation journey. Being committed to innovation and excellence, our IT company ensures that every project reflects cutting-edge technology solutions and the highest standards of quality

Investor-Ready Software Solutions for Your Startup

Transform your startup idea into a powerful software product that attracts investors. From product ideation and strategy to software development services, software programming, deployment, and ongoing maintenance – we've got you covered.

As a full-service software development agency, we prioritize matching the right talent to your specific project needs and providing comprehensive support throughout every stage of your project.

Team up with our experienced professionals – including a dedicated, fractional CTO - to bring your vision to life and turn your startup into a success story.

Seamless Staff Augmentation

Staffing limitations? Don't let it disrupt your progress. Our staff augmentation services seamlessly connect you with top-tier developers, designers, programming specialists and technical experts.

As an established IT company specialized in software engineering, we're dedicated to sourcing the top professionals in the field to meet your project requirements efficiently and effectively. Adjust the size of your team to your business plans, ensuring you have the right talent in place.


We offer custom software services across multiple industries

Digital Marketing






Legal Document Management

Product Information Management

Word from CEOs, Co-founders 

As co-founders of BitStone, with 17 years of experience, we've built a strong foundation on cultivating long-term partnerships with our esteemed Swiss clients. The Swiss market is known for its unwavering standards and meticulous approach. Successfully navigating this landscape has sharpened our ability to deliver exceptional software solutions that meet the most rigorous international demands.

This commitment to quality and building trust has been the cornerstone of our enduring collaborations, and it continues to fuel our passion for exceeding expectations on a global scale. During the past 9 years, we have leveraged this expertise to expand our reach into new markets like Germany, the UK, USA, and the Nordics.

While we strive to be among the best software programming companies, we maintain a grounded perspective and commitment to continuous improvement. We are confident that our proven approach to international collaboration positions us as a leading software development company, delivering exceptional value to clients across the globe.

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Mathias Riechsteiner


I’m working with BitStone because they are fast moving, target oriented, well structured and customer oriented. Their employees are always available, cooperative, with market oriented thinking.

Michael Peetz

Dental Campus

They demonstrated very good programming experience and an excellent service culture. Both are extremely important in our business.

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