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BitStone is a dynamic software development company specializing (but not exclusively/ mostly/ also) in crafting end-to-end solutions for E-commerce processes.

With a team comprising over 100 proactive and versatile developers, BitStone stands out for its ability to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of software development to deliver modern and effective solutions that align with business objectives.

Unlike traditional execution-focused teams, BitStone thrives on proactivity and doesn't wait for detailed requirements to initiate action. The company takes pride in being more than just execution-oriented; its developers are known for their strong communication skills, transparency, and a knack for posing insightful questions.

This approach ensures that BitStone not only meets the immediate needs of its clients but also contributes valuable insights and strategic thinking to enhance the overall success of E-commerce projects.
BitStone is ISO-9001 Certified.

Why BitStone?

We have a great team, based on experience, also we’re like a big family. We organize a lot of activities including teambuildings, parties, conferences, barbeques and festivals. Come join us!

Our Work

Electric Castle

BitStone, in collaboration with Electric Castle, crafted a cutting-edge B2C e-commerce platform for e-ticketing, streamlining the process for the largest concert event in Romania.

This partnership continues as BitStone remains a key player, ensuring ongoing success and efficiency in Electric Castle's operations, solidifying their position as a crucial collaborator in event management technology.


Curaden, the largest Swiss dental e-commerce company, has teamed up with BitStone, a leading software development firm, to elevate its online presence. BitStone is developing tailored B2B and B2C e-commerce platforms for Curaden, ensuring a seamless experience for both dental professionals and individual customers.

This collaboration aims to enhance Curaden's online operations, combining BitStone's innovative solutions with Curaden's industry expertise. The partnership signifies a commitment to delivering a sophisticated, user-friendly experience for clients and consumers alike in the dental sector.


BitStone and Offerz have teamed up for a strategic partnership to develop a B2C e-commerce platform specializing in coupons and promotions. Utilizing BitStone's software development expertise, the collaboration prioritizes user-friendliness and innovation.

With a focus on open communication and proactive problem-solving, BitStone is dedicated to contributing to the success and expansion of Offerz's online promotions platform.

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We offer custom solutions in the following industries-

Ecommerce, Dental Online Education, Fintech, Music Industry, Artificial Intelligence, Wordpress, Human Resources and many more...


Dental Online Education


Music Industry

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