Case Study: Revolutionizing Offerz – A Comprehensive Overview for E-commerce Leadership

In the dynamic landscape of E-commerce, Offerz stands out as a leading platform specializing in the sale of diverse coupons across Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. The collaboration between Offerz and BitStone, a premier technology solutions provider, has not only addressed unique challenges but has also propelled the platform into a realm of continuous innovation and personalization.

Client Acquisition and Collaboration

Offerz's journey with BitStone began in 2018 when the platform's CTO, also an investor in Offerz, recognized BitStone's prowess in eCommerce. The long-term collaboration was sought due to BitStone's proven strength in the eCommerce sector, particularly in the development, testing, and design aspects.

Key Team Allocations and Strengths

The collaborative team, comprising 1 tester, 9 developers (4 app, 5 shop + whitelabel), 1 designer, 1 project manager, and an external freelancer, underscores BitStone's commitment to Offerz's success. The unique strength lies in BitStone's ability to speak the language of the highly technical CTO, providing valuable suggestions and ideas before embarking on development projects.

Contributions to Business Goals

BitStone has become the main vendor for all of Offerz's online platforms, including the Shop, WhiteLabel, App, and Codemaster. A groundbreaking innovation is the Wizard for onboarding new clients, allowing a no-code journey from domain acquisition to production. This strategic collaboration extends beyond mere execution, as BitStone actively engages in R&D, aligning technical insights with the vision of Offerz's CTO.

E-commerce Functionalities and Personalizations

Offerz thrives on a plethora of E-commerce functionalities designed to elevate user experience:

  • An extensive coupon variety spanning electronics, travel, dining, and more.
  • A user-friendly interface and seamless payment integration for a smooth shopping journey.
  • Robust search and filtering options for efficient navigation.
  • The introduction of a Whitelabel B2B platform, empowering businesses with internal discount programs.

Personalization features are at the forefront, enhancing user engagement

  • Tailored recommendations based on user behavior and preferences.
  • Personalized user profiles and history to offer relevant promotions.
  • Geo-targeted offers and customized email campaigns for a personalized touch.

Technologies and Tools

The diverse tech stack includes Opencart, PHP, MariaDB, ElasticSearch (Shop), Laravel, PHP, MariaDB (WhiteLabel), ReactNative (App), and Codeigniter, PHP, MariaDB (Codemaster). The interconnected architecture revolves around the Codemaster, acting as the source of truth and communicating with various third-party coupon generators.

Challenges and Solutions

To ensure robust security, BitStone implemented Cloudflare, IP restrictions, and country-specific rules to thwart brute force and DDOS attacks. Continuous efforts are underway to address platform performance concerns, including the potential migration to a more scalable e-commerce platform.

Results and Future Recommendations

The platform currently handles a daily shopping cart value of 1 million Swiss Francs, showcasing its market presence. Security measures have successfully mitigated threats, and the future holds potential for platform migration and continuous innovation.

The collaboration between Offerz and BitStone is not just a partnership; it's a strategic alliance focused on innovation, security, and delivering an unparalleled E-commerce experience. As Offerz continues to evolve, the combined efforts of both entities position them as pioneers in the ever-evolving realm of digital retail. This case study serves as a testament to the success and potential of this dynamic collaboration for E-commerce leadership to explore and consider for future partnerships.

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