Development, production


Direct Risk Transform Platform


Node.JS, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, AWS, Next.JS, PostgreSQL, GraphQL


For this client, we've helped with the launch the world's first dApp DRT™ on Avalanche C-Chain to connect capital markets with institutional protection seekers.

The dApp is designed to provide direct risk transfer between capital markets and protection seekers like reinsurances, multinational organizations, and enterprises.

Story & Goals

The journey commenced with an application demonstration centered around blockchain technology, specifically focusing on a Prediction Market designed to anticipate the evolution of certain financial markets. This initial showcase was the inception point. As the year transitioned to 2021, the collaboration blossomed further.

The spectrum of agile development services was offered in its entirety - from conceptualization to production.

Our team undertook the endeavor of comprehending the intricate domain expertise related to risk transfer investments. This knowledge pursuit fueled our evolution from a modest duo to a cohesive team of 6 dedicated engineers, specifically committed to this collaborative venture.

Moreover, the flexibility to assign additional specialists based on demand was a unique feature. The development journey, exclusively steered by BitStone, was coupled with the inclusion of data scientists, marketing professionals, product managers, the CEO, and other pivotal decision-makers.

At the heart of Cerchia's repertoire lies their flagship product - Direct Risk Transfer (DRT™). This innovative financial offering guarantees instant payouts, all hinging on events validated by trusted data sources.

DRT™ effectively opens doors for new investors, enabling the transfer of common and emerging risks such as non-damage business interruption, supply chain disruptions, and pandemics.  

The resulting level of automation and integration is substantial, furnishing immutable contract data and serving as an unalterable history ledger for financial audits. 

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