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Digital Dental Life AG is a leading online software provider in the medical field. The reason behind the formation of what became one of the most important medical foundations in the industry, was the desire to create a platform for doctors all over the globe who want to learn, collaborate, participate to conferences and share their knowledge in real time. Today there is a strong community of specialists that has formed on their platforms.

Story & Goals

Our partnership with Digital Dental Life began in 2014. DDL has been, ever since, outsourcing all their B2B software projects to BitStone - putting us in charge of design, development and maintenance across all their platforms.

Some projects that we have developed together

One of the most popular projects is Dental Campus - an online scientific organization, specialised in the field of dental implantology. They have developed a convenient online learning platform, collaborating with leading experts in the field, offering courses, continuous education credits and worldwide certification with a well put-together assessment system.

Osteology Foundation has also become an important medical foundation in the dental industry. On this platform, users can register and apply to conferences, to grants available in their field of expertise, share medical cases, compare their research data with others and ultimately get feedback on their work from industry leader peers. The platform also has a built-in notification system that allows users to receive notifications about others’ activity.

The EAO Education Programme which stands for European Association for Osseointegration is, an ecosystem of classrooms enabling all registered students to attend classes and study at their own pace. The classrooms are structured based on location so they will mostly interact with students in their proximity.





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When starting our consulting company, we were looking for a partner we can trust with both technical skills and managerial competences. An initial analysis led us to the conclusion that BitStone had both in order to develop the high complexity online education platforms for the medical industry that we needed.

They demonstrated very good programming experience and an excellent service culture. Both are extremely important in our business.

The team’s constant availability in development and support towards us and our clients, combined with the open minded approach to changes and adaptations convinced us that we made a good choice in partnering up with BitStone.

Today, 4 years later I can confirm that all aspects of the process are fully satisfying and we have established a great and continuous partnership that helps us to serve our specific clients in complex programming projects.

Michael Peetz

Dental Campus | CEO

Let's build something awesome together!