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Subscription-based application


Subscription-based application


ReactNative, Node.JS, Frontegg, Sonar,, Terra, Stripe, RevenueCat, Docker, DocumentDB


YPL partners with global health care providers, research institutes, insurers, corporate organisations, and government organisations to create a high touch, efficient triage, increased performance and improving outcomes for all.

Their mission is to optimise and prioritise your health, vibrancy, performance & longevity to increase quality of life and help save lives to prevent suffering and reducing health care costs.

Story & Goals

As part of our partnership, our development team seamlessly merged with their in-house development unit, a strategic move that solidified the foundation of our collaboration. This synergistic venture was initiated in March 2023, marking the commencement of our collective efforts.

The assembled team boasts the expertise of approximately 8 engineers hailing from BitStone, each fulfilling crucial roles within the framework. This dynamic team encompasses developers, manual quality assurance specialists, and a dedicated project manager. Their contributions are governed by a time and materials approach, ensuring a fluid and cohesive approach to delivering their requirements.

At the heart of their business lies a subscription-based application, offering users personalized nutrition and fitness guidance through wearable devices. This core product is the linchpin of their enterprise. 

An aspect of our collaboration that epitomizes innovation is the research, integration, and meticulous refinement of a chatbot driven by GPT technology. This AI-powered chatbot facilitates the delivery of non-medical advice, adding an extra dimension of engagement and utility for users.

Let's build something awesome together!