Deliver a system to support millions of items, thousands of users and large number of files without running into problems


Data exchange systems


Xyxle is a tool simplifying electronic distribution of massive product data in the B2B sector. It enables businesses to import large amounts of data into the Xyxle platform, by using input masks or an automated ERP system. Their content is then received by buyers and easily processed for their online or physical stores, digital service providers, call centers, etc.

The data exchange is done via an API to the ERP systems or by an e-catalog.

Story & Goals

Our collaboration with Xyxle started back in 2010, they were the first BitStone clients in the Swiss market. Interestingly, at the time Xyxle was a music distribution platform. As their business grew, the concept evolved into online product data distribution. Today it is one of the most complex data exchange systems between suppliers and distributors, currently available on the market.

Given their initial business profile, a part of their clients are still in the music related industry, but the service is designed to fit various businesses from entirely different activity areas.

Needs that we addressed

As an application developed for the B2B sector, there were some key factors that had to be taken into consideration for the design and development. Some requirements were:

  • Performance: a system to support millions of items, thousands of users and large number of files without running into problems
  • Security: data integrity, support for different authorization rules, logging of users activity
  • Diversity: a system to support a large number of attributes for items in different industries like music, electronic, food, art etc.
  • Scalability: suitable to handle significant traffic increase, the system should be able to scale to multiple servers without downtime
  • UI optimization: having hundreds of functionalities and sections, the UI has to be optimized to facilitate different business processes and scenarios

The Xyxle system was developed as a web application from scratch. The team ensured on site consultation as well, travelling to Switzerland for client meetings to discuss business cases that were more complex.

A first release has been made at the beginning of 2011. Afterwards, a new Xyxle version has been released in 2012. - what was new/better in the second version?

 Ever since BitStone ensured a developer constantly allocated for maintenance, support and development of new features.



Adobe CreativeSuite


Zend Framework




Web services






The robust, highly scalable Xyxle platform offers the flexibility to serve its diverse customer base. We actively participated in the business process and offered solutions for various problems. We had a very good collaboration with the client from the beginning and we developed a long term partnership.

For more details about this client visit xyxle.com

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